Lava stone, volcanic lava rock, basalt lava stone for building and landscaping

lava stones, basalic lavas, basalt vocanoes rock

Lava stone is actually an stone that is produced from volcanic eruptions. It is a rough stone fairly light in weight and gray in color. The strange of basalt (lava stone) is vesicular, alveolate and natural, seeing from its cutting surface, the holes are much bigger in the upper and smaller downwards and more highly concentrated. This kind of stone material has the special feature which other stone materials don't have for its individual holes, such as sound absorption and insulation, heat insulation and reservation, frozen proof etc. It has good sightseeing effect for the continuous big and small holes, with primitive simplicity and elegant style. Every environmental test of this stone goes fine under very strict inspections, it's a green environmental building material. It also has features of sour and alkali proof, can be used in many areas. It was called the "breathing stone" and "Functional stone material" by the specialists in the stone industry.

This nature lava stone meets the new requirments of people to pursue the nature,primitive simplicity and green environment. It can be used widely in the decoration of outer walls for every kind of constructions,paving for municipal roads,square,living districts, it is especially the first choice material for all buildings of ancient imitation. European style and Garden building.

lava stone wall veneers, lava stone walling, lava stone wallLava stone at our location(Hainan Province) is a kind of basalt with about 10 percent gas holes. It is hard and gray. As a kind of ideal decorative building material, it is widely used for exterior paving for square, drive ways, pedestrian areas, courtyard, patios, urban sidewalks, steps treads and risers, kerbstone, and palisades, pool copings, building facades, It was also used inside as fireplace surrounds, window sills, kitchen countertops, it can absorb the sound and dust indoor.

The magma was brought to the surface of the earth when the volcano erupts, without the pressure; it cools quickly and form many gas holes. According as gas hole, the lava is divided into tiny hole lava, small hole lava and middle hole lava.. The tiny gas holes,less than a millimeter, are regular, on the contrary. The smaller gas holes, about 3-10 millimeter, are irregular, and like honeycomb. The middle gas holes are about 8-15 millimeter. So it is also called honeycomb stone.

Lava stone introduction

Appearance : Color: grey to dark Diameter of the holes:about 0.5-1cm Low density (lower than the 2600KGS/M3) Honeycomb structure

Surface finishes : Available in several surface finishes: natural cleft,bush-hammered, honed, polished, brushed(Tumbled), sandblast, waterjet, sawn and combination of different finishes.

Properties : Lava stone is a kind of natural stone with unique appearance. As its holes are evenly distributed, lava stone takes on uniform sawn effects with different angle. The lava stone is of high hardness with cryptocrystalline texture. Apart from its uniform color and elegant appearance, it is also slip-resistant and sound absorption.

Uses and applications : Lava stone is wildly used for various buildings’ exterior wall decoration and ground pavement in commercial, institutional and residential setting; also used in archaize, continental and landscape architecture(natural rockery and bonsai); also the preferred material in construction of theater, concert hall and studio, etc.

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