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Hand carved solid marble fireplace mantels and fabricated stone fireplace surrounds from prominent designers of many centuries ago and experienced modern master craftsmen combined create focal point, exquisite beauty and true value for your home. Working with leading marble fireplace mantel factory in China, we manufactures, exports and supplies large selections of marble fireplace mantel and stone fireplace surrounds of the finest quality possible at convincingly affordable prices, featuring statue carved Roman style marble fireplace mantel and surround, flower carved Victorian style marble fireplace mantel and surround, simple stone fireplace surround fabrication and luxury marble fireplace mantel surround with overmantel. Each our marble fireplace mantel and surround comes with a standard marble hearth. Custom marble fireplace hearths are available upon request. In addition to fireplace marble, the most popular types of fireplace stone, a variety of other types of fireplace stone, such as travertine fireplace, limestone fireplace, sandstone fireplaces and granite fireplace are getting increasing favored in America's home improvement market, especially the travertine fireplace that is characterized by the unique natural porous features has been used in many high end and famous building projects. Limestone, granite and sandstone fireplace are often seen in simply fabricated styles. Term "marble fireplace" used in this section is intended to mean "natural stone fireplace" in a broader sense, while term "fireplace mantel" here refers to the set including "marble fireplace mantel", "marble fireplace surround", "marble fireplace hearth" and marble fireplace overmantel where applicable.

Statue carved marble fireplace mantle Art work of past generations of incredibly talent sculptors have turned the China's finest stone work into a proud tradition of creating the unrivaled beauty. This series of marble fireplace is a perfect example. We designs, manufactures and supplies large selections of statue carved marble fireplaces ranging from classic replicas to modern custom designs, from Italian Roman style marble fireplaces to French style contemporary marble fireplace. Statuary stone fireplaces are best carved with marble, limestone and travertine for intricate presentations. Custom designs, colors and dimensions are available.

Flower carved marble fireplace mantle This series of elegant marble fireplace mantel from hands of master craftsmen are the most popular fireplace mantel and surround choices in America. Lifeng and its partnering carving facility design, carve and supply over one hundred styles of flower carved marble fireplace surrounds, featuring exquisite French style marble fireplace mantel, magnificent Victorian style marble fireplace and classic English style marble fireplaces. This series of stone fireplaces are available in marble, limestone, travertine, and sandstone. Custom dimensions and sizes available. Custom designs and styles welcome. Volume discounts.

Contemporaneity simple design Marble Fireplace Luxury does not always have to carry a big price tag. This series simple marble fireplace mantles and stone fireplace surrounds can do just that. This type of marble fireplaces can bring natural beauty and elegancy of the stone to your home in a cost effective way. Simple stone fireplace surrounds are available in virtually any natural stone types including marble, granite, travertine, limestone, sandstone, and even slate. As typical simple marble fireplace mantel and surrounds involve mainly fabrications instead of carvings, fast mass production of this category of marble fireplaces is available for large projects such as hotel renovations, high end condominium constructions and subdivision developments.

Large Fireplace with ornamental Covering a wall over a marble fireplace mantel surround can be tricky. A Marble fireplace surround coupled with marble overmantel is a great solution. Look at this group of marble fireplaces, they prove to be the perfect choices for high ceiling structure decorations. These stone fireplace surround sets are not mere fireplace mantels. They are collectible art pieces that can be the replicas in famous classic design or modem custom styles. Alternative stones for carving over mantels include travertine, limestone and sandstone. Custom designed marble fireplace and overmantel welcome. Hearth included.

Column configuration marble fireplace mantel Marble fireplace with columns typically incorporate with some carvings. This type of marble fireplace has a contemporary look and fits the best in many architectural themes. Column stone fireplaces tend to have large sizes so require wide spaces. Columns in these marble fireplace surrounds can be doric, roman or corinthian.

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